Muddy Up and Clear is about awareness dawning through the muddy waters of everyday life. The gifts that sometimes float to the surface for me to see and gently pick up, as well as the gifts that sink to the bottom and settle as gritty pebbles and rocks that scratch my feet, and stub my toes.

When things are muddiest for me, it is a signal that something is going to come clear. It may take some time – some sifting, some bloodied toes, some dredging – before the discovery pops up. And it always does; and it’s so much easier if I pay attention 🙂

I am an ordinary person examining and synthesizing almost sixty years of adventures surviving and thriving as an engineer, manager, educator, innovator, catalyst, researcher, community-builder, cross-cultural bridger, peace-maker, daughter, sister, wife, mother, neighbor, and friend.

These are my stories.

Find out more about me at http://cocreatingclarity.com/


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